Lottery exhibition - Ai Mi Tagai 2021

Alice Jacobs・Anais Comer・Daria Blum・Eleanor Turnbull・Ryunosuke Goji・Gillies Adamson Semple・Takashi Horiuchi・Yuuki Horiuchi・Kenta Kawagoe・O JUN・Sean Lavelle・Terrence Burford-Phearse・Tuli Litvak・Youhei Watanabe [UK, JP ]

2021.04.17 - 2021.04.25

"Lottery exhibition --Ai Mi Tagai 2021" will be held at Youkobo Art Space. The exhibition is held by the LTYE artist-members.

In 2019, the London and Tokyo Program (LTYE) was the 5th anniversary, and "Aimitagai" was held in Tokyo as a comprehensive exhibition. LTYE project has been ongoing since 2015 as part of the young artists Exchange AIR Program which is called 'AIR for Young' (Y-AIR).
In 2020, "Aimitagai" was scheduled also to be held as the British version of the 5th anniversary, but it was inevitably changed to online due to the COVID-19.
However the members wanted to hold a realistic exhibition in parallel.

Date 2021.04.17 - 2021.04.25
Time 12:00-19:00
Place Youkobo Art Space