Black and White and Blue

Artists: Lillian Canright / Misako Tago / Yukari Sakata |Cooperation: Yuka Minegishi [Japan]

2017.03.22 - 2017.03.26

The moment of darkness that descends prior to the opening of a play. The canvas with nothing drawn on it. The monitor before processing a signal. While the shape taken differs by media, these spatial states exist naturally within a multitude of materials. Yukari Sakata, theater director speaking to the relationships between people and words; Misako Tago, questioning the interior and exterior of the image through pictures and space; Lillian Canright, working with video from the point of view of philosophy ー three artists with origins in differing media are introduced in this exhibition. The exhibition, which also includes new work, shifts its focus to the spaces spreading apart from the visible, attempting to derive the texture of this obscurity through their respective creative activities. We may anticipate the artists’ graceful, or otherwise pointed, modes of address awakening the deep darkness hidden within an infinity of margins; the pallor of the skies far above; an incompletable perception.

Global Art Practice (GAP) is a graduate program, dedicated to fostering future leading artists with a global focus on social practice in contemporary art. We are proud to present a three - person exhibition at Youkobo Art Space organized by students who excelled in the inaugural year of this program.

Date 2017.03.22 - 2017.03.26
Time 12:00-19:00
Place Studio 3


  • Reception: 24th March 17:00-